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AHFS Drug Information

Editor: Gerald K. McEvoy, Pharm.D.
Publisher: American Society of Health-System Pharmacists
ISBN: ISBN-10: 1-58528-579-X
ISBN: ISBN-13: 978-1-58528-579-2
ISSN: ISSN: 8756-6028
Publication Year: 2018
Copyright Year: 2018
Edition: 60

Discipline: Drug Information
Title expires one year from date of purchase

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Burket's Oral Medicine

Author: Michael Glick DMD, FDS RCSEd
Publisher: People's Medical Publishing House—USA
ISBN: ISBN-10: 1-60795-188-6
ISBN: ISBN-13: 978-1-60795-188-9
Publication Year: 2014
Copyright Year: 2015
Edition: 12

Discipline: Dentistry
Title expires one year from date of purchase

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Critical Decisions in Periodontology & Dental Implantology, Hall's

Editor(s): Lisa A. Harpenau, DDS, MS, MBA, MA; Mariano Sanz, MD, DDS, Dr Med; William P. Lundergan, DDS, MA
Publisher: BC Decker Inc.
ISBN: ISBN-10 1-60795-046-4
ISBN: ISBN-13 978-1-60795-046-2
Publication Year: 2013
Copyright Year: 2013
Edition: 5
Edition: Richard T. Kao, DDS, PhD

Discipline: Dentistry
Title expires one year from date of purchase

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Ingle's Endodontics

Editor(s): J. Craig Baumgartner MS, DDS, PHD; John I. Ingle, DDS, MSD; Leif K. Bakland, DDS
Publisher: BC Decker Inc
ISBN: 1-55009-333-9
ISBN: 978-1-55009-333-9
Publication Year: 2008
Copyright Year: 2008
Edition: 6

Discipline: Dentistry
Title expires one year from date of purchase

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Essentials of Oral Medicine

Editor(s): Edmond L. Truelove, DDS, MSD; L. Roy Eversole, DDS, MSD, MA; Sol Silverman, Jr, MA, DDS
Publisher: BC Decker Inc
ISBN: 1-55009-146-8
Publication Year: 2002
Copyright Year: 2002

Discipline: Dentistry
Title expires one year from date of purchase

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